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(Jim Cramer Twitter.) Toughest reporter on the Street, legendary ex-CNBCer, now The Franchise at Fox Business; impact waning on low-rated channel. Wrote for Wall Street Journal from 1995-2004 before joining Newsweek, then CNBC as "on-air editor." Former amateur boxer. Favorite restaurant said to be Elaine's of Manhattan.

Born in the Bronx, grew up in Westchester County; father a Marine, union iron lather who worked on World Trade Center. Combative on-air, famously interrupted/cut off on "Fast Money" after referring to President Obama as former "community organizer," then "borderline socialist." Sense of humor can be off the charts, says he likes "crazy" things about him on Dealbreaker.

Thomson, who famously offered the Money Honey a ride on his corporate private jet, sparking rumors of an affair.

Maria Sara Bartiromo is a magazine columnist, television journalist and author of American nationality known best for being the host of Morning with Maria in the Fox Business Network.Vacationers in North Carolina had their plans disrupted when a massive power outage in the Outer Banks cancelled their getaways. While Rose makes up less than two percent of the total table wine category, sales are up double digits this summer, outpacing other red and white options. (Sources: CNBC.com, other cable networks online, municipal real estate records, official sources online, Wikipedia, plus information presented on CNBC and other cable television; others where noted.) Most famous stock-picker of all time. Married Karen Backfisch, a trader in Steinhardt's firm, in 1988.Smith foundation dinner, but it was a Fox News anchor who stole the show.Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo was seated just behind the podium at the televised event on Thursday night, and viewers were more than a little distracted by her red low-cut dress.

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'Everybody looked like they were wearing a corset last night,' he said at first as he discussed the dinner on The Rush Limbaugh Show on Friday. 'The rackage on display there obviously was not constrained by a corset.' Philadelphia talk radio personality Chris Stigall posted a screen grab of Clinton speaking at the podium, with Bartiromo's face cut off so just her chest is on display. 'Best part of #alsmithdinner is @Maria Bartiromo 's white gloves,' he first wrote.

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