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Many depart the bright lights of the top flight in their 30s; few ever make a meaningful return. Come on, man, that’s built into me.” In the same interview, the striker is described as ‘tugging at his diamond-studded earlobe, and shrugging at a surreal existence’. “The person who represented me at the time said, ‘You need to hand in a transfer request and get in early because all the lads are going to leave’.

Defoe scored 11 times in 19 appearances in MLS – not many players can claim to guarantee goals as honestly as the 35-year-old can – yet he was hardly a much-loved figure in Canada. For years, from West Ham to Bournemouth, Tottenham to Portsmouth and back again, this was the picture many painted of Defoe: the typical modern-day footballer; a preening, self-absorbed individual obsessed with money and publicity. He had refused to sign a new contract for West Ham, with disciplinary issues marring his final few months with his first senior club in 2004. But it is Defoe who continues to carry the burden of a Judas for many West Ham fans.

July 2009 - October 2009Imogen Thomas dated footballer Jermain Defoe in 2009.

When the two broke up, Imogen claimed it was because she wanted to spend more nights at home instead of always going out to clubs.

‘Jermain Defoe is sadly wasting his talent by effectively retiring from top-level football,’ it reads, still intact, still preserved by the ravages of time.

The little one asked to hold a gathering with his cousins and friends, before Jermain Defoe stopped by to give his young fan farewell cuddles.I went to see him in hospital and he said to his mum 'could you just turn the lights off?' and he said to me, 'do you want to get into bed? I am sure he wouldn't mind me saying about his little girlfriend Poppy.Premier League footballer Jermain Defoe wore an England shirt for the funeral of his six-year-old "best friend", Bradley Lowery, whose cancer battle captured hearts around the world.Thousands of people lined the streets of Blackhall, County Durham, ahead of the service at St Joseph's Catholic Church, where the youngster was baptised six years ago.

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Mourners dressed in superhero costumes followed the funeral procession.

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