When should teens start dating

At 14, dating activities are pretty limited to movies or riding around in a car (if your date is old enough to drive).

For this and a lot of other reasons, I usually encourage teens to wait until at least 16 or older until they feel really comfortable and meet someone they want to know better as a friend and a romantic partner.

FX is going to refer to David Elkind, who is a professor at Tufts University and the author of The Hurried Child.

Elkind believes that people younger than 14 should not date because they do not have the social and interpersonal skills required for dating situations.

Girls are more vocal about the dating interest and tend to be interested in a greater degree at a younger age, but boys are paying attention also.

Have a healthy relationship – Healthy relationships are about feeling good about who you are and feeling safe with another person.

The most important part of any healthy relationship between two people is being able to talk and listen to one another.

Maybe you should consider hanging out with a mixed group (boys and girls) of friends and going to movies, swimming, sporting events, bike rides, etc. If you do not feel comfortable talking with someone you don't know well, you may come to feel inadequate.

so that you can develop skills in relating to all kinds of people. If you have to deal with situations that are filled with sexual pressure, you could either give in to your partner's wishes -- or feel guilty or withdraw from feeling anything -- and that can be just as bad.

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The teen dating scene can be awkward and uncomfortable, for teens as well as their parents.

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