Updating xml nodes c

This is because the insert keyword requires that Expression 2 be a single node.Even though there is only one Salaries node, the singleton is still required.

You may notice that we designated a singleton (single node value) representation of [1]' for Expression 2 (the Salaries destination node).All the other functions i tested from various sources failed to handle text nodes correctly. It is adapted from code on this site.function my Text Node($n, &$a) so you could use: $nodes = $dom- I found the xml2array function below very useful, but there seems to be a bug in it. I've expanded this out to be a bit more readable, and the corrected code is : function xml To Array($n) The project I'm currently working on uses XPaths to dynamically navigate through chunks of an XML file.I couldn't find any PHP code on the net that would build the XPath to a node for me, so I wrote my own function.If you are using not object-oriented functions and it takes too much time to change them all (or you'll be replacing them later) then as a temporary decision can be used this modules: For DOM XML: XSLT: A function among several others to parse a google results page, I wrote this some time ago - google has probably changed their site since then, but I thought this might be helpful to someone.I'm moving servers, but I will probably throw this up on my blog when I get it back up.

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