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In other words: a time where aired: there were a lot of gay prostitutes, cross-dressers used as gags (but that’s one been around for awhile), the use of the word “sissy,” and, worst of all, gay characters infected with HIV, like on , on the other hand, had one of its main characters, Nancy Bartlett (played by Sandra Bernhard), come out in the episode “Ladies Choice,” where Nancy tells them she’s dating Mariel Hemingway’s Marla, who would later lock lips with Roseanne. It’s just one of many “Lesbian Kiss Episodes,” which are usually used by writers and networks to garner ratings — not .Roseanne came next, and ABC almost wouldn’t let it air.Old friends and longtime aides are wringing their hands over Bill Clinton’s post–White House escapades, from the dubious (and secretive) business associations to the media blowups that have bruised his wife’s campaign, to the private-jetting around with a skirt-chasing, scandal-tinged posse.Some point to Clinton’s medical traumas; others blame sheer selfishness, and the absence of anyone who can say “no.” Exploring Clintonworld, the author asks if the former president will be consumed by his own worst self.It’s tough remembering a time where gay characters on TV weren’t featured on issues of TV Guide, a time where even just the mention of a two women or, even worse, two men (shocking!) would make a network either threaten to pull the episode, or at the very least change the show’s time slot for a week.—you are free to watch any damn thing you want on Netflix.

There is a partially sunken heated swimming pool in the garden installed for the grandchildren, and lots of mature shrubbery.

Ultimately, this film reminds you that, yes, you may in fact fall into a post-breakup funk but better times lie ahead. Second, life feels a whole lot better after watching this film where a Manhattanite loses her husband of 16 years to a younger woman.

It's both super empowering and has a big dose of serendipity (we swear, that real-life twist-of-fate can happen to you, too). So go ahead and rock that Springsteen adage, “Show a little faith, there’s magic in the night,” as you get ready for your first post-breakup (Tinder date)[/story/smart-photos-tool-will-change-your-tinder-game]. If Clayburgh-as-Erica can reinvent herself and become stronger, happier, and more independent, post-relationship, then so can you. Justin Timberlake The Tennessee Kids...because Justin Timberlake.

Dumped by a particularly hot and heavy summer fling? Sure, it can get get a bit gushy, but it’s a powerful reminder that the relationship you have with yourself is the most significant one you’ll ever have.

Sliding Doors It may have been filmed in the 90s, but the lessons Gwyneth Paltrow preaches about love and betrayal ring just as true today.

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