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Since then, she has created a vast dating network for all kinds of people, from young engineers fresh out of Stanford to seasoned ventured capitalists.Well, now that distinction seems to have been bestowed upon Silicon Valley.(Last year, it had the highest ratio of single guys to single women in the country.) And I'm not going to pretend it didn't hold sway in my decision to move here from Manhattan eight months ago. After all, I've never been much into jocks and always would rather date a dude in a hoodie than one in a pinstripe suit.She hasn't held an event there in two years, but Thursdays at the Rosewood are still infamously known as "Cougar Night." But getting help from Andersen isn't cheap — a silver membership, which guarantees eight introductions to potential dates over the course of two years, costs ,000.A more passive membership, which is better suited for younger daters as it doesn't guarantee a certain number of matches, runs for ,500 for two years.

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