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As soon as I heard your accent, boom, I was back into Scottish." Although he was born in Glasgow, the actor - who hit the radar in the UK as the swashbuckling Captain Jack Harkness in the recent series of Doctor Who - grew up in America.

His father was relocated there by his employer, the construction firm Caterpillar, and the family made the 3,700-mile move to Aurora, Illinois, when Barrowman was eight.

As luck would have it, Barrowman is returning to the small screen as Captain Jack, this time in a new Starz series; . on a regular basis, what do you think are the major differences between the two countries and the people? We can live our lives exactly the same as the straight couple that lives next door. If gay marriage were legal in this country, would you take that step? We’d invite our friends and families and have a great big party and a ceremony, because it’s something to celebrate.Funnily enough, Scott said to me later on—as we started to see each other and were dating—“I thought you were out of my reach.I thought you were something I could never attain.” And I was like, “Why would you think that?Seconds later, walking towards the drawing room, he's inexplicably switched to a Scottish brogue. "It's hard to explain, " he says, holding up his hands and grinning.And when the waitress comes to take his drinks order, it's back to American. "A lot of people think I'm putting on one or the other, but I'm not.

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