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More expensive than the madder colours, and without their purity, depth, or transparency cobalt reds have often been offered as pigments, and as often declined.’ Salter (1869) (Ref Pigment Compendium, 2008, p.122); Rhodonite (see below) is a variety of Garnet; * Garnets exist in all colors except blue; ** Not a real ruby; (Pyrope Ref); (Almandine Ref); *** more info on the Dan Smith Prima Tek™ artist paints and other minerals used for art pigments at the watercolor site.

Over a 25-year career as one of the world’s leading milliners, Treacy has drawn inspiration from the natural world. ” When Treacy was invited to do the first-ever haute couture show in Paris devoted to hats, held at the Georges V hotel, he took orchids as his theme.

He was born into a large family in a small village in County Galway in 1966.

At the age of five he puzzled his neighbours by sewing hats for his sister’s dolls.

, Cinnabar; Cobalt Red; Egyptian Red Gold; Fuchsite; Garnet; Granite; Piemontite; Pipestone; Pozzuolana Red Earth; Quinacridone pyrrolidone PR; Realgar; Red Coral; Red Jasper; Red Powdered Glass; Red Porphyry; Rhodonite; Sedona Where applicable, you can click on the artist paint or pigment company code found in the "Common Historic and Marketing Name Column" next to the pigments name.

The links will take off site where you can find more specific paint, binder, and pigment properties, including MSDS sheets or a retailer that stocks that brand of paint or pigment. See the Key at the bottom of any page for the artist media or binder company codes and links to the brands websites.

But Treacy’s attitude to the plant world reminds me of the painter and iris-breeder Sir Cedric Morris: “When I study flowers,” he wrote, “I do not see prettiness.

I see ruthlessness, lust, and lack of fear.” “I grew up with plants, yes, I was a country boy,” Treacy says.

River Cafè is one of those rare restaurants that is as atmospheric during the daylight hours as it is as night.

At River Cafè on hot days the windows roll away to give a really magical dining experience but equally transposes to cosy on cold wintery days that start with a drinks around the fireplace at our bar...please click here to go to the River Cafè web site. Whilst the Red Ochre Grill does not have disabled access, the River Cafè has disabled access to all dining levels and guests can alight immediately in front of our main entrance.

Red Ochre Grill (located immediately above) and the River Cafè are just a 10 minute walk along the River Torrens from the Adelaide Festival Centre and a 10 minute cab ride from any city hotel. On a great day you might like to take one of Adelaide City Council’s free bikes from the rear of the restaurant, cycle to the beach and back along the very safe and scenic cycle track and we’ll have a cold beer or a great glass of fizz waiting for you on your return. Check out our latest South Australian Restaurant and Catering Awards...

Perhaps best of all, they're easy to find in most neighborhood supermarkets.

These white Oriental lilies typically stand for "beauty, class and style," says Gaffney.

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Organic forms, of leaves, petals and stamens, have informed much of his work. He says, “I was at the races in Singapore, and was taken to the orchid gardens, one of the best in the world.

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