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If it is a BEST BEFORE (or USE-BY date), the eggs should be used within 2 weeks of that date, providing they have been kept refrigerated and are not cracked.Click here for a video on how to tell if your EB eggs are fresh! The Orthodox Union, the largest kosher certification organization in the world, certifies Eggland’s Best eggs as kosher.Each Eggland’s Best carton carries the OU symbol to clearly identify it as kosher.The risk of salmonella poisoning from eggs is small, but this does not take away the need for extra precautionary steps when preparing eggs for recipes calling for raw or lightly-cooked eggs.Cracks and leakage can lead to contamination of the egg and could potentially cause illness.Don’t buy out-of-date eggs and look for the USDA grade shield or mark.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. He claims that you can detect salmonella or any other spoilage by smelling the eggs first. My guess is he just doesn't feel like spending money on the whey protein powder.A friend of mine has recently started to toss 4 raw organic eggs into his breakfast smoothie instead of using whey protein powder. He claims recent research has shown that the fat and cholesterol in eggs, as well as in butter, is not harmful. Depending on what protein you pick of course is also dependent on..I guess you could call it "half life" in your system.

Eggs: Men’s Health nutrition expert Alan Aragon suggests doing a float test for the eggs.

There are many choices for fresh or raw shell eggs available at stores today—brown or white, cage, cage-free, organic, free range, or specialty eggs like omega 3.

No matter what kind you decide to buy, making sure you choose a safe carton of eggs is extremely important. Open the carton and make sure there are no visible cracks or leaking eggs.

Claims that it's a far superior source of protein, being totally unprocessed. Isopure for example is a very pure (expensive) form of whey protein that is 0 calories.

Because it is so pure it will get swallowed up by your body fairly quickly mixing it with milk or other lactose products helps to slow the release of the protein over a longer period of time, like casein. So you are looking at roughly 20 grams of protein in exchange for roughly 300 calories.

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If you are going to eat the whole egg you might as well cook it to at least enjoy it or hard boil it.

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