Insecurity and dating

See if you're guilty of these insecure behaviors that are turning her off.

You don’t make eye contact Whether you’re on a first date, meeting a friend of a friend for the first time, or at a business dinner, nothing screams, “I’m uncomfortable” like an inability to make eye contact with the person you’re talking to.

“There’s always two extremes," says Stephan Labossiere, a relationship expert and coach.

"There’s the insecure guy who’s withdrawn and the guy who’s over-doing it." In small doses your insecurities might seem endearing to a woman, but if you let them get the best of you, they're a major turn off.

Experiences with insecure men The first time I ever dated an insecure guy was almost a decade ago.

You can’t help but wonder: I want you to know that you are not alone. Phil and unlike me but its natural for you to be insecure and I feel the same way.

What you have to do is avoid becoming a victim of your emotions.

What we feel can be a product of our perception and not what actually is.

When you can put dating into proper perspective, apply reason and exercise common sense feeling secure is easier to conquer than you think.

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