So far, so blah - but then Frankie emerges, helps herself to the actual toast Jamie has been eating, and then demands tea. ‘You’re going to get gold stars if you don’t leave your clothes on the floor - you can tell your friends “See, I got a gold star!”’ suggests Jamie, with the misguided enthusiasm of an adult man who is desperate to go back to boarding school.

Frankie sleeps, snuggled in what appears to be an actual jumper, while he looks like he might be on the brink of shaking his fist at a single rose gold pool slide.He suggests she does what he does, and put his clothes on pegs ‘where they belong’.I like to think that Jamie and Frankie also have a chest of drawers containing large, grey plastic trays which they have been allowed to decorate with stickers.I rolled my eyes at Harry and focused on what Fred was telling me about.Fred told me all about their prank ideas and what they were going to do to Snape next.

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