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For marketers, these statistics can help in developing strategies to ensure you are targeting the audience you want to reach in the most effective way.

So there you have it, the most up-to-date facts and statistics on Facebook that we could find.

A spokesman in London for the social media giant had no comment when asked last evening about its potential liabilities.We work very closely with the Safety team at Facebook UK and always strive to keep this resource as up-to-date as possible, so our February 2015 version is most current resource you will find on using Facebook safely.What’s more, the Facebook checklist helps you understand and manage the information you share online with others.While these statistics provide an interesting overview of Facebook users, tools like Brandwatch can provide real-time, in-depth insights and analytics about your audience, brand or competitors.A year ago there was uproar when Facebook said it had paid just £4,327 in tax in the UK in 2014. I thought it worth having a look at what we know as a result, and to use the exercise the considerable amount we do not know but which I think should be made available to us.

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