Dns not updating records

For purposes of this lab, I will be showing you how to all DNS records via Windows DNS.The first thing we will want to configure is an A record. This A record will be pointing to the Public IP Address of the service that is accepting your mail.A lot of people are confused as to how exactly you should configure DNS for Exchange 2007.

If you are using only one KMS host, you might not need to configure permissions in DNS.

For example, if you create an ANAME record with "Europe" as the GTD region, then only resolving name servers in Europe would be used to create the A records for this new record type.

This makes sure that your traffic will continue to be routed regionally as planned within your worldwide infrastructure.

The first thing we want to do is configure an A record for our MX record to point to.

The MX record is a type of record which specifies that for a specific domain, you should contact a specific A record to send mail to. When utilizing Windows DNS, the MX record will point to an A record.

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When we were designing ANAME records, we had a few requirements: Users have needed to create an alias at the root / apex record for numerous reasons but according to DNS RFC's, this was not possible.

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