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In 1999, Yoo Seung-Ho made his acting debut in a CF for n016. I can forsee that you'll be becoming more & more well known in the Korean movie/drama industry. my very first korean drama ever when I still in elementary is Sad Love Song :') and at this point I fell in love with Yoo Seung Ho oh my gosh, when I see him at Master of study and he's not the-play-kids anymore I know he will became more more handsome day by day saranghaee ???

Now, thinking back to those days, Yoo Seung-Ho doesn't recall those bad moments and just remembers playing with the staff members and being surprised when the grandmother in the film really cried during filming.[2] "The Way Home" turned out to be a highly successful film and sold more than 4 million tickets. beside your personality you're talented too, i like your acting capacities ... Since i am a kdrama lover after watching "I Miss You" i've been his fan and now in "Remember" 2016 will be a good year to him, best actor FTW! Hope u can bring home any awards for your role in remember, the magician & sundal kim! I was curious so I watched the drama (fast forward to Yoo's scene only) and it turned out that he was on every episode of the drama, minor role however definitely not a cameo. Please update writer-nim, uri Yoo Seung Ho has lots of screen time in Arang the drama. When they say he looks like So Ji-Sub, I think they don't have good vision or maybe they had too much to drink there is no resemblance. I love the way he takes on the role, no matter what it is, and commands the scene. Good luckkkkkk ♥ :* ♥ i first saw you in " i miss you".. love u..u......u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much ....sarangheayo.... I think he did very well by going to the army now because he is an excellent actor but he was too young to play main leads. It starts today (30th September 2013) and intends to run as long as there is cooperation and support from awesome readers of this blog. Not that you read them without purpose, but if you look back and introspect, you will realize how futile was whole exercise – you did read papers for 3-4 hours, but next day, you could hardly remember anything substantial. And if you read an article with purpose, or a question in mind, you can remember even better. Bookmark this page if you are preparing for 2014 UPSC civil services exam.This is done to address the problem most aspirants face – How to read The Hindu? If this program continues unhindered till November 2014, by that time this page will have more than 2500 questions on current events and links to each one of them – assuming 5-10 questions per day. Yoo Seung-Ho first started in show business as a child actor and, like a lot of child actors, he started acting due to his mother. I have been watching his work for about 15 years now and it is wonderful to see actors grow. He was insane every sm All detail was sth ,his expressions ,his feels,his excitence itself is sooooo precious .i love him truly from the bottom of my heart ,wish u the best of luck bb seung ho ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Daebak!! I first saw him in warrior baek dong soo , even his the antagonist in that drama he still shines , he's a superb actor, has a very expressive eyes.. Male lead or second lead it doesn't matter as he will always shine with his excellent acting.. My dear YSH, I'd wanna let you know that you're very very very handsome and an amazing actor.Prior to filming, the ad agency, responsible for the CF, was looking for a fresh face & not a professional model. keep fighting I know you will became the greatest actor, almost all drama rating is too good ??

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