Dating a bisexual male

"I was in a new city, needed a doctor, so filled out my health history, my partners, etc.I've only ever been with my boyfriend and one woman, so it was a big deal when I wrote down that I was bisexual on that form.Since I was attracted to boys, I just assumed I was straight and ignored the attraction I felt for girls.

You wouldn't keep asking a straight woman you were dating if she was "really" straight, right?She just was about to message him but stopped short. "He's bisexual."To be fair, I used to feel that same uneasiness about dating bisexual men.For whatever reason, bisexuality is certainly not as socially acceptable for men as it is for women—many women are quick to categorize bisexual men as likely gay, but just unwilling to fully come out.Late one Thursday night, my friend and I were looking at Ok Cupid profiles together.Said friend was new to online dating and wanted me—a seasoned veteran—to take a look at her options.

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  1. And yet, she hoped it would somehow be like the Lana Del Rey song. The guy she was supposed to meet that day—the guy from Tinder, the dating app kids were using to hook up—“I know, like, five guys who’ve done it; girls use it too, but they pretend like they don’t”—he was cute and had tattoos on his arms. She “hearted” his picture, and within a few minutes he had hearted hers, and then they were instantly texting.“Ur hot,” he wrote. WHEELING IN THE BITCHES“Gotta wheel the bitches in.