Can a teacher be fired for dating a parent

I arrived early to my first physics class of the year, excited to meet my new teacher.

We had heard little about him before then, so I was curious despite my social anxiety.

“I am a teacher in — and I know that IEPs are not being followed…What do I do?

I have already talked to people in the school system.

When my kid started Junior kindergarten last year, it took me weeks (OK, months) to send in a family photo for his teacher to hang in his cubby.

For some reason, I just couldn’t get it together to print off a picture from my smartphone.

Turns out I’m one of those moms: the friendly type who wants her child’s teacher to like her, but who actually makes the job difficult by neglecting to meet a simple request.

But in college, these fantasies are much more realistic possibilities because we’re all legal adults and we have a new degree of autonomy outside of our parents’ homes. For those who want the whole story - feel free to read on!It was Friday afternoon, 6th September 2013; 12 days until I turned 17.In general, we recommend that teachers put their concerns in writing.This has to be done very carefully so you are not viewed as a troublemaker. When you put your concerns in writing, you write a letter that assumes that the administration is not aware of these problems and cannot correct them unless they know.

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