Are eric stein and jessica hughbanks still dating

However, the alliance's dominance ended when Zach won HOH and nominated Jessica against Jameka.

When she remained on the block, the Donatos decided to blindside her during the first part of the Double Eviction, by voting to evict her.

The couple attended season 17's first live eviction.

Their romance is “still going strong,” and Eric and Jessica “plan to continue their long-distance relationship until Jessica graduates, then see what happens,” the Wichita Eagle’s Denise Neil reports.Newman University, Wichita, The V Spot Salon, Mid American Credit Union, Mid American Credit Union, State Farm, The Sunflower, Derek Schmidt, Bella Luna Cafe, Fat Tony's Grill, Ya Ya's Eurobistro, Bobo Bee, Peachwood Early Learning Center, Sveta's Skin & Body Therapy, Radio Isn't Dead, City of Wichita Park & Recreation, Haysville Aviators Baseball, Poster My Wall, Beauty By Adina, Melanie Hubert, Womanista, Compassion Experience, Hai Stylist, Devour Foods, Michael O' Donnell for Sedgwick County, Mega Metal, The Pando Initiative, Love What Matters, Kansas Democratic Party, The Krazy Coupon Lady, Richard Hatch, Mrs.Jessica Lynn Hughbanks was a houseguest on Big Brother 8.When the Late Night Crew alliance crumbled, Jessica and Eric teamed up with Dick and Daniele.The alliance of the two pairs dominated the middle game with Daniele and Jessica being able to win 4 Ho Hs back-to-back.

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