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there is no poetry and very little romance in anything anymore, so it is really like the last phase of American Pie,” he said.

The final verse of the recorded version describes a bleak America: the music has gone and even the Father, Son and Holy Ghost are heading for the coast.

It made number one in the US and is frequently cited as an important piece of cultural history.

Mr Mc Lean, 69, has always avoided answering questions about its meaning, other than to joke: “It means I don't ever have to work again if I don't want to.” He initially said he was selling the manuscript on a whim, but in the catalogue added that he wanted to inspire young songwriters to think about every word in a song.

If you wish to have the player instantiated only after the rest of the HTML is processed and the page load is complete, remove the line. -- End of Brightcove Player -- [pagebreak] “When I started, it was all about making videos to get chosen,” says Campbell, who is coming off back-to-back runs as a finalist on .

“Most of the people who got voted in were parkour practitioners who had these crazy videos.

They invented tools for agriculture, to build homes, and to create weapons for hunting and protection.

There is no other explanation why she would take off her cotton panties made in Vietnam amid a hot, romantic summer night in Paris City.

Technology impacts how cities grow, where people live, and who owns what.

Technologies are the reason a few people are very rich, that people are more social, and that teaching and learning is changing.

(1)Whole Numbers(1)Women(3)Wordle(2)Work(1)Workers(1)Writing(1)55(1)Show Popular Categories Society has always been impacted by technology.

Each invention has affected how people relate to one another and how cultures have expanded or ended.

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